Preparing Your Home For Sale

Your home is the most expensive asset you will ever sell.  This truth may be quite daunting for some, but is nothing short of a fun and exciting project – if done right.  Partner Equity agents are trained to evaluate, prepare, and market your home in order to get optimum exposure, leading to the best deal possible. We turn a stressful project into a profitable adventure and work with you every step of the way.

  • Valuation:   Evaluating the positive and negative aspects of a home are key in determining how much value may be maximized.  When trying to optimize the value and sell for the highest price, it is important to highlight the positive features and fix the negative features to make them more negligible.  Partner Equity agents are trained to do this efficiently and will help you to prepare your home for sale.
  • Marketing:   Perhaps the most important aspect of selling a home is how well it is marketed.  The more potential buyers that are interested in your home, the more offers there will be – which means higher offers.  Your agent can ensure the ideal marketing strategy for your property and give your home maximum exposure.
  • Value Maximizing: Sometimes, a little bit of reworking can add a tremendous return on investment and make your property much more marketable.  To know when it is appropriate and when it is not necessary to make improvements prior to sale is one the most difficult and most valuable skills we bring to the table.  Within the Partner Equity ecosystem is a large range of contractors, from the least expensive handyman to the highest-end sophisticated architects, upon which we can draw upon to maximize your home value when necessary.
  • Negotiation: Throughout this exciting process, your Partner Equity agent will work with you, but he also will work for you.  By negotiating the best possible terms, arranging appraisals, escrow, and inspections, your agent will take care of everything with you at the side.

In one of the most (and possibly the most) pricey transaction in your lifetime, your agent is trained to make sure that you end up on top.

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