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We were founded on the principal of creating and leveraging an eco-system of connections and experience. Partner Equity derives its name from its philosophy as a company. We are not just independent agents under a shingle, but a partnership working together to form an ecosystem where the whole is greater than the parts. Partner Equity is part of a greater network of companies that provide a range of services to the Bay Area. We have joined under COMPASS to expand our capability throughout the state California. We work together to solve problems for our customers, and thereby not just provide homes but build equity for our clients.

As a group, the founders know a large range of real estate agents, lenders, investment opportunities, contractors, neighborhoods, city permitting policies, financing resources and real estate know-how. In addition to real estate and loans, we provide services in valuation, insurance, commercial and residential lending, investment opportunities, private equity and debt and real estate brokering.

Our agents live and work in the Bay Area with the majority having the perspective of a native born and raised. They know which deals are hot and how to find value in the deals that are not. Finding value in less than perfect properties is a key skill our agents possess. In one of the most expensive markets in the country, that is a skill that we are proud of, and look for when bringing agents in.

Whether you are a real estate guru or a first time homebuyer, your agent will be your resource in finding the property and the deal that is perfect for you.
So good luck, and happy hunting and selling!



Partner Equity
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