Why Partner Equity?


Partner is actively searching for top Realtors at every level of experience.

Mentorship Program:

We have an established, time tested program for new Realtors, where we take one or two Realtors at a time and put them through a rigorous mentorship program with one of our top Agents.  This is a hands on experience, where the the new agent shadows the experienced agent, going to listing presentations, create CMA’s, prepare listings, staging, marketing, writing copy and covering all aspects of transaction coordination.
We look for people with great instincts, initiative, intelligence and perseverance. Its all about developing potential.

Our Workplace Philosophy:

Most brokerages recruit agents by providing “systems” for success. With typical tools such as:
  • Marketing support
  • Prospecting
  • Escrow coordination
  • Compliance
  • Listing Presentations
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Training

To be honest, EVERY brokerage provides these tools of the trade and all the training you can absorb. Yet only 14% of new Realtors manage to stay in the business.  With this incredible opportunity comes incredible competition.  Clearly tools are not enough!

People who succeed in life never do it alone. We all need a supportive environment that nurtures success.

At Partner Equity, we have a different model. We call it the Ecosytem Model.  Our established real estate brokerage is part of a family of associated real estate businesses involved in investments, property management, appraisal, financing and a variety of other activities. All under the same roof!

We all work together; we help each other; we refer each other clients; we provide each other expertise in advice.  In this environment, you are not alone and you will quickly be the “go to” person among your peer group for real estate, which is how people really get established in this business, and how established people expand their base and skills. Everyone benefits from the Ecosystem.


Partner Equity
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