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Navigating the property buying process in the Bay Area is challenging. The supply and demand trends shift like quicksand and it’s essential to have someone on your side who is in tune with the pulse of the market. Our Realtors© have decades of experience in the Bay Area, and most are native born. For example, in San Francisco, we understand the differences in the micro climates of each area, how quickly neighborhoods change within one block, the latest changes in TIC conversion laws and all the other nuances of the city.  But understanding market trends and the neighborhoods is only a portion of the skillsets our agents bring to the table.

Listening is perhaps the most important skill for a great Realtor©. We will listen to your needs and understand what the best fit will be. Needs can be defined along several dimensions.

  • City:  School system, culture, density, access to transportation, tax issues, regulations, distance from work, city amenities such as city camps, swimming pools,  nightlife, shopping districts, lifestyle, etc.
  • Neighborhood: Transportation, climate, culture, walking score (closeness to shops, transportation, etc), safety, demographics, architecture, suburban feel, urban feel, access to city parks.
  • Property Characteristics:  Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, square footage, kitchen fixtures, yard, storage, opportunity for expansion, bonus rooms, condition (fixer uppers vs. move in condition).
  • Property Type: Condo vs. single family residence, high rises vs. small condo flats, Edwardian, Victorian, modern Detached vs. semi-attached, conversion opportunities.

These features can tie to your lifestyle and needs.  Selecting a list of characteristics to find the perfect home is the goal.  Affordability ties it all together. Most clients need to make tradeoffs. Understanding what is truly essential vs. what is nice to have is one of the biggest challenges in finding a home.

For investors, there are another set of needs. We have expertise in apartment buildings and multiplexes, and understand the area cap rates, how to interpret and analyze rent rolls and operating expenses, and how to get the right type of financing.  In San Francisco, we are intimately aware of its unique rental environment and the rules governing rent control, evictions, Ellis Act, TIC Conversions, rent issues and the sometimes overwhelming labyrinth of regulations. Our network of contractors, property inspectors, appraisers, architects and various other professionals allow us to discover the right answers, and  sometimes more importantly, the right questions.


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